✨Prestino’s Magic Show!✨


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prestino’s Fee?

The price of the show greatly depends on how far Prestino has to travel, and what package you want. For an exact price it is best to call Prestino and create a personalized package for your needs. He can be reached at 516-455-2187.

How Long Is Prestino’s Show?

Prestino’s show is designed to run close to 45 mintues, but this also depends on the audience’s level of involvement. If the crowd is really into things, it may go longer! But Prestino is always sure to respect other scheduled performers and events.

Is The Close-Up Better Than A Show?

Again, this question is best answered over the phone. It really depends on the nature of your event. If your guests are spread out at tables in different rooms, or mostly wandering, the walk-around magic might be better.

Can Balloons Be Made With Close-up?

Yes! Prestino walks from table to table or group to group with everything he needs in his pockets to make magic and balloons!

Is There Any Audience Participation?

There is a TON of audience participation! Prestino sees to it that the audience becomes part of the show! Throughout most of the show, Prestino calls up many members of the audience to help him with tricks, and makes sure to create funny and memorable photo opportunities. Prestino wants to be sure your guests– young and not-so-young –have a great time!

Will My Child Feel Special On Their Day?

Absolutely! If Prestino is performing for your child’s special day, your child will help Prestino with many of the tricks! Not to worry if your child is shy, Prestino won’t force your child to stand up in front of the crowd. Prestino wants to make sure your child has the most magical time he/she can! There are plenty of other ways to make the guest of honor the star!

Does Prestino Use Live Animals?

YES! He includes Cappuccino the magic rabbit! Though it is Prestino that pulls the rabbit from the hat, there is some disagreement between them as to who is the real star of the show. Prestino and Cappuccino are presently in negotiations over whether or not Cappuccino’s name should be added to the letterhead, and if so, who’s name should come first. But, Cappuccino certainly agrees that Prestino is friendly to animals and is sure to treat the non-human star of his show with the propper love and respect!

Is Prestino’s Show Clean?

Very Clean! Prestino performs a family style show that is perfect for any occasion or age mix.

Does Prestino Dress Neatly?

Very neatly! Prestino is aware that clothes can make an impression and that his costume is just as important as any other item that appears in his show.

How Many Tricks Are In Prestino’s Show?

This depends on the type of show you want and the pacing set by the audience and event. Ultimately, Prestino’s goal is not to count tricks but to be sure your guests/audience have a great time laughing and being at your event.