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Magic Lessons With Prestino

Prestino is an experienced magic instructor.  He began teaching magic to children at Kingsborough Community College in 2007 for the summer semesters.  After an enjoyable few years teaching magic in a classroom, he found it even more gratifying to teach lessons one-on-one where a different kind of teaching/learning dynamic happens.

If you’ve always wanted to dazzle your friends and family with stunning magic, ask Prestino about magic lessons.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, adult, beginner, or if you’ve played with a few tricks here and there– Prestino can help you or your child take take magic to new places.

Here are some benefits of adding a little magic in your life:

  • you’ll find it easier to break the ice in social situations
  • your confidence will grow in talking to others
  • your social network will grow a little easier when you give people something to remember you by
  • your hand coordination will improve
  • your verbal skills will improve
  • your creativity will improve

Of course, these results won’t be the same for everyone, and it depends greatly on how much practice you put into developing your skills.  If you’re ready to take your first steps of the magic journey, call soon!